Saturday, July 2

Day 1: Tour de Fleece


I'm involved in....

the annual Tour de Fleece spin-along during the Tour de France. The concept is simple, They spin, we spin. A real spinning themed spin-along.

Guidelines (NOT RULES):

  1. Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday July 2nd through Sunday July 24th. Days of rest: Monday July 11th, Monday July 18st. (Just like the actual tour)

  2. Spin something challenging Friday July 22nd. (The Tour’s toughest mountain stage over the Col du Galibier for the second time, and finishing up on Alpe d’Huez.)

  3. Take a button if you want one. Then we can use the button on our blogs in show of solidarity. Take it from here or grab a clean one from the flickr pool. Come join the flickr pool!

  4. Wear yellow on Sunday July 24th to announce victory. Why not wear yellow on any day you feel particularly successful? (Yellow is the color of the race leader in the Tour - but here we are all ‘race leaders’)

  5. Other colors if desired: Green (sprinter - think FAST), Polka-dot (climber - as in uphill), and white (rookie)

I grabbed this info off of the Ravelry group Tour de Fleece.... It's lots of fun so go check it out if you are a spinner!

Today i took the kids to a park and brought along my spindle... We packed a lunch and they played for hours while i spun standing on top of a picnic table. good times :) But it was so dang hot out... the kids were red(not from sunburn, they are just like me and don't take heat well) and sweaty....

When we got home i put Trubie down for a nap and got out the kiddie pool in the back yard. They got cooled off and i brought my wheel out for some more.... spinning. This time i spun on some Corriedale/silk blend that I'm spinning at a laceweight. It will be a 2ply eventually. Well really i hope to finish it by the end of the month. I probably have about 4 more ounces to spin and then ply it all. 8 ounces total. I'm hoping for at least 800 yards... if not more.(This is the correidale a few weeks ago, i'll update with a more recent pic another day)

The kids are in bed and I'm about to start back up but my fingers are itching to pull out some other roving and try it out.... maybe tomorrow. I need to get this laceweight done...
This is the majority of my haul that i got at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art festival.... The top left is particularly calling to me.... I've never spun a gradient dyed roving before. I have plans to make a pretty shawlette out of it...

Maybe I'll have pictures of it as singles tomorrow.... but for now i must go and SPIN!

Friday, July 1

I am a bad bad blogger.... it's been forever since i've done this. I am almost at a loss as to what to do, what to write... But fear not I have pictures! We went to the beach the other day.... The kids love it and so dose the dog....

Draco, remember the tiny puppy?! Well he's a big 97lb dog now....

here are some of the crafty things i've been up to.... knitting, spinning.... and recently i've gotten into sewing! I also have an etys shop now.... it's slow going but fun.


And here is of my handspun sock yarn.

This is a shawlette that i test crocheted for a friend....

here i am spinning at the beach!

my drop spindle.... it's my new go to project at the parks this summer.... so easy to pull this out and just spin the day away.

My handspun socks.... and some handspun that i sent to a friend.....

These are some box bags that i have up in my etys shop!

And this little guy is crocheted! I'm getting a bit better at crochet :D

Friday, February 26

::sneaks in and looks around::

Umm... hi?! Anyone still out there? Has it really been 7 months since i've blogged. wow. sorry.

So lets see, my name is Jessica and i have 4 kids and a puppy..... here is a picture of the latest two... Truban is almost 8 months, Draco is 4 months.

Life with 4 kids has been kinda crazy... and i'm loving it. Adding a puppy to the mix was just the next step, right?! Who can let their kids grow up without a dog... That is the line that convinced Joe to go and meet the puppy... once we saw him we were hooked ;D

He is a good boy... I only find myself taking things out of his mouth every 15 mins. lol. But we love him and are glad we got him. I just can't wait till the weather is a little nicer and we can all be outside for longer periods of time.

I'm on Ravelry way too much... Mainly the HPKCHC group.... it's like my second home. And to tell you the truth that is probably why i don't blog. oops.

I've been working on a wallaby sweater for Joe and some stranded mittens for me! I'm loving the mittens... I'm getting use to holding yarn in both hands, barely.

I've done tons of other things but i'm not going to bombard the blog with all those pics... you can go to my project page and check it out if you really want to.
I'm hoping to be back soon.... If not i'll see you in a few months!

Tuesday, July 28

wool wool wool

Back so soon?!

Why yes, i am!

I finished spinning a sheep's worth of wool! YEA!
I did this for my OWL in the HPKCHC... I'm so glad i decided to do it too!

I decided I wanted to dye it with Wilton cake dye. I did a test dye of three different colors. Juniper, Leaf Green and Brown. I came to the conclusion that i would use Juniper with a dash of leaf green to liven it up a bit.


Leaf Green


Last night i just couldn't wait and and so started my dying experience.... Now i have 16 skeins of this yarn (2,065 yards) and wanted to have it all the same. So what does one do... puts it all into one dye bath. Right?!!


I shoved it all in to a 22 qt pot and couldn't even stir it around at all. Bad idea. Well it was all in and i just went with it hoping that it would work out.

It didn't:

Today i decided that I would dye it again in smaller batches. So I did and it helped... but i think i might dye it again. I'm not sure.

I keep going from I love it to i hate it. Very strong feelings i know, but maybe i just need to get use to it. I guess I'll see how i feel about it in the morning.

There are a few skeins of yarn that have a really dark spot or two on them...(you can see it in the picture below)I do have a few extra yards(about 500) so hopefully i won't have to use them. Or maybe it will just add to the oh-so-cool hand dyed look... one can hope:)

Oh have i mentioned that I'm going to knit the Central Park Hoodie out of this yarn?! Well i am!

Here is some pics of Truban, cause i know you all want to see little baby cuteness:)

He was laying on me and i snapped a few pictures so i can remember how cute and tiny he is... I know they grow all to fast. I love the little scowl on his face...

Friday, July 24

Truban Alexander

Here he is, Truban Alexander!

He was born on July 6th at 8:18am. Weighing in at 7lb 10oz, and 21" long.

We came up with his name from our grandpas. Truban was after my grandpa it was his last name and Alexander was Joe's grandpa.

He is a sweetie and we are all smitten with him! All 3 kids love him to pieces and want to hold him all the time. Gabe loves having a little brother and can't wait until he is bigger to do boy things with him ;)

I've been around, mostly on Ravelry... and if you want to see what I've been knitting lately check out my project page! The main thing I've been doing lately is spinning (the fiber i cleaned last summer) yarn to make a sweater out of. I'm almost done spinning it then I'll dye it. I'm excited about it!

I would say that I'll be back in a few days to post some more but the truth is that i'll be back when I'm back. Life is crazy and as much as I want to blog, really i do, i can't, right now be as consistent as i would like to be.... Maybe someday... Until then i hope your happy with me the way i am:)

Wednesday, May 13

Lion Pacifier Clip

Pacifier Clip

By Jessica Gutoski

ravelryID NaturallyKnitty

CO 6sts, Join to knit in the round
K1 rnd
* K1 M1 * (12 sts)
K1 rnd
* K2 M1 * (18sts)
K1 rnd
* K3 M1 * (24 sts)
K6 rnds
* K2 K2tog * (18sts)
K1 rnd
* K1 K2tog * (12 sts)
K1 rnd
* K2 M1 * (18sts)
K16 rnds

At this point you need to take a break in knitting. Use
a piece of yarn to weave through the sts at the neck,
go around twice and tighten
slightly, to form the head
from the body.
Weave in any ends. Stuff
head and body with fiber fill.

* K1 K2tog * (12 sts)
K1 rnd
* K2tog * (6 sts)
K1 rnd
* K2tog * (3 sts)

Put all the sts on one needle and work an I-cord for 5 inches.

Kf&b of each sts (6 sts)
K 3 rows (garter stitch)
K2tog, K2, K2tog (4 sts)
K6 rows
BO all sts

Break yarn leaving a 10 inch. Put the garter
stitch tab through hole in the pacifier holder
and sew down. Make
sure to secure it firmly

Cut 4 pieces of yarn about 24 inches long. Fold in half. Using a darning needle pull
each one half way through at the 4 points where the legs will go.
Cut the loop end and braid each leg. Tie a knot, on each leg, making sure it is tight,
about 1 ½ inch away from the body. Take the two front legs and pull through the
clip tying them each in a knot. Trim excess yarn from legs.

Cut up 24 pieces of yarn for the mane. About 10 inches long. Using a needle or a
crochet hook pull though a st and tie in a knot. Go all the way around the head.
Trim it to a nice length.

Add some of the mane color to the tail end. Add a face
and there you have it!

Friday, March 27

I "heart" blocking!

Blocking is wonderful... i just love it!

Don't know what blocking is... You can find a cool article here from! Basically you get a piece of fabric wet (or steam it, or spritz it with water) and pin it out to the shape you want it to be, then wait for it to dry.

It turned this wonky piece of fabric into a blanket!

I'm really happy with how it turned out. Though the blanket itself is bigger than i expected it to be. I think the pattern said the small version would be a 38inch square mine turned out to be about a 42 inch square.

Only one complaint about the pattern, the yarn requirement was way off... It called for 4 balls of each color. To be safe i bought 5 of each and ended up going back and getting an extra ball in each color and i still ran out of the cream, i think i was 3 rounds short, but you can't really tell. So 12 balls total... that's a lot of yarn.

You can see more of my details here on Ravelry...

Project stats:

Start Date: March 5th
End Date: March 25th
Yarn:Dale of Norway/Dalegarn Falk
Pattern: OpArt
Needles:US #7s... (4 circulars)
Recipient: the baby in my belly

Today was somewhat nice out and we went out to play for a bit. Chloe loves swinging and went for the better part of a half an hour.

Leah was running around and just having fun.

Gabe and Joe were playing baseball. I can't wait for spring to really be here. When we can wear not a coat but a t-shirt or I'll even go for wearing only sweatshirts... I can feel it, spring is coming i just need to have a little patients and endure the cold for a bit longer.